Independent innovation professional quality
Walking in the forefront of industry technology Xin Hui up to promote the development of industry technology progress as their own responsibility to continue to innovate beyond to create a new film to create a new film.
  • Quality XinHuiDa
    Excellent quality, is the bridge to the world, to enhance the quality of assiduous, to continue to meet customer demand as a source of lean manufacturing power, manufacturing experience for many years accumulated, the achievements of Xin Hui of professional quality.
  • Innovation XinHuiDa
    XinHuiDa equipment has covered a number of industry applications, with a full range of specifications, and constantly meet the individual needs of customers. And out of an international cooperation, technology introduction, independent innovation of the road of development.
  • Efficient XinHuiDa
    Through the innovative management methods and service system, to create a quality control, scientific management, efficient docking internal collaboration process, enhance customer service efficiency and internal operation efficiency.
  • Wisdom XinHuiDa
    XinHuiDa focus on creating industry stretch film Zhizhi integrated system platform, the automation control technology, equipment manufacturing process and raw material formula data platform for the industry to explore a new road of wisdom.
Strength of the industry to create a model
Relying on the deep accumulation of technology, Xin Hui of the technology to create the introduction of international cooperation, independent research and development of a combination of models, and constantly refresh the new height of the development of the industry.
  • Country

    High-tech enterprises

    National high-tech enterprises, XX invention patents, product specifications complete specifications, rich process recipe database
  • Intelligent

    Technology to promote the industry

    The introduction of Siemens, Siken, ABB and other automated control technology to enhance the level of intelligent control to promote industry progress
  • Profession

    Manufacturing quality and reliable

    Technical team experienced, modern production base, the original imported parts, with strict manufacturing standards and quality testing
  • Market

    Approved sold overseas

    Brand and product recognition of high, the international market development products have been exported to many countries and regions
International Strategy
Our products have been exported to many countries and regions around the world, the future, we will adhere to a more open strategy

To provide high-quality stretch film manufacturing equipment and solutions to customers around the world.