Ingenuity, create advantages, win the market - remember the trip of Xinhuida Qingdao Exhibition


In August, the sun in Qingdao is like a fire, and the hot sun is baking every inch of land. The hot weather is not only the weather in Qingdao, but also the enthusiasm of Xinhuida's friends.


We are full of passion and visit the Qingdao Plastics Industry Expo site to discuss important customers. Although there was no equipment to show at the exhibition, it did not affect the decision of prospective customers to choose Xinhuida equipment. In just three days, only two 2m high-speed automatic winding units were signed in Shandong Linyi Market. Take the Linyi market, a production base of China's wrapping film, as an example. The previous wrapping film equipment is mainly small machines. The daily output of one machine is about 2-3T, and the electricity cost of one ton of products is as high as 400 yuan. The workers are working hard. At present, our Xinhuida single-winding membrane equipment has ultra-high production capacity (about 9-10 tons per day), ultra-low energy consumption (about 260 yuan for electricity) and ultra-high line speed (up to 200 meters/minute). Fully automatic (integrated fully automatic, no manual paper tube, unwinding, pumping, deflation, adhesive tape, workers only need to pack, pack), greatly improving the per capita value of technicians, reducing labor costs and reducing workers' Absolute advantages such as labor intensity have been favored by many customers, which has set off a market-changing craze and won high recognition from customers and praise from peers.

Xinhuida has always been based on its absolute professionalism, dedication, specificity, craftsmanship, meticulous manufacture of fine products, small details from design and processing, continuous improvement, to ensure delivery to everyone The customer's machine has good quality and stability. We introduce cutting-edge equipment to improve performance and accuracy; we strictly demand ourselves, listen to our customers' voices, cater to the needs of the market, and offer our customers with the best looks and the best quality.