XHD-LΦ 65/110/65x2350 CPE (EVA) high grade casting film unit
Detailed Description
This unit is a casting machine with high plasticization, easy operation, long service life, electricity saving and other foreign technology, with LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and EVA and so on on the basis of many years of equipment manufacturing and actual operation of customers. As the main raw material, it can produce products such as cast frosted film, embossing film, matting film and so on. The unit adopts advanced intelligent industrial control system, combined with full automatic center coil take-up, imported tension controller, automatic rewinding and cutting, ensuring that the operation is safe and convenient, so that the reel is more strong and smooth, and the quality of the product is guaranteed. It has greatly improved production efficiency, reduced production costs, and created greater value for customers.

Production line characteristics:

1. The screw is designed with high plasticizing ability, good plasticizing, good mixing effect and high yield.
2. The thickness of the film can be automatically checked on line, and the die can be adjusted automatically.
3. The cooling roller is designed with special runner. The film cooling effect is good at high speed.

4. the film side material is directly recovered online, greatly reducing the production cost.


Screw Diameter ?65/110/65mm
Screw L/D 1:32 mm
Design Speed 150m/Min
Width  2000mm Layer Structure A/B/C
Total Power 210KW Total Weight 18T