XHD 1600-2800mm CPP multi-layer co-extruded cast film production line
Detailed Description
Production line features:

1. The screw adopts special mixing function and high plasticizing capacity design, good plasticization, good mixing effect and high output;

2. The automatic adjustment die and the automatic measuring thickness gauge with APC control can be selected to automatically detect the film thickness on-line and automatically adjust the die;

3. The cooling forming roller adopts a special spiral flow channel design to ensure good film cooling and setting effect at high speed;

4. The film edge material is directly recycled online, which greatly reduces the production cost;

5. automatic center take-up, with imported tension controller, automatic roll change and cut, the operation is very simple.
This production line is mainly used to produce three-layer co-extruded CPE, CEVA and CPP films.


The main technical parameters

1) Finished product width: 1600-2800mm
2) Finished product thickness: 0.02-0.30mm
3) Mechanical design line speed: 250m/min
4) Production speed: 180m/min